Post Graduate Diploma in Economic Analysis and Planning

Course duration  1 year

PG Diploma in Economic Analysis and Planning Programme was developed by Dr. Kaipparedan College for Rural Development, Economic Planning and Management in response to the demand for highly qualified economists who are capable to employ up-to-date modeling methods and analytical instruments for situation analysis, project building and decision support.

This one year Economic Analysis and Planning programme was developed in order to enable students to enable sharing and improving academic competencies at the Civil Service examinations.

Economic planning is a resource allocation mechanism that is contrasted with the market mechanism. As a coordinating mechanism for socialist economics, economic planning substitutes factor markets and is defined as a direct allocation of resources. This is contrasted with the indirect allocation mechanism of a market economy. There are various types that economic planning procedures and forms planning can take.

The level of centralization in decision-making in planning depends on the specific type of planning mechanism employed. As such, one can distinguish between centralized planning and decentralized planning. An economy primarily based on central planning is referred to as a planned economy. In a centrally planned economy the allocation of resources is determined by a comprehensive plan of production which specifies output requirements.[3] Planning may also take the form of directive planning or indicative planning.

Most modern economies are mixed economies incorporating various degrees of markets and planning.

A distinction can be made between physical planning (as in pure socialism) and financial planning (as practiced by governments and private firms in capitalism). Physical planning involves economic planning and coordination conducted in terms of disaggregated physical units; whereas financial planning involves plans formulated in terms of financial units

How can we sustain rapid growth with limited natural resources? How can we spread the ongoing economic and social benefits of regeneration to create broader opportunities? And how can we focus development so that it weathers uncertain futures?

Today’s challenges demand coordinated responses. Public agencies require affordable solutions that bring about lasting change for communities. Private sector investors want to create valuable projects with sustained returns.

Economic analysis and planning is at the heart of positive development. We equip our students to provide joined-up services to support regeneration in cities, towns and rural areas, driving long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Powering positive development

Dr. Kaipparedan College for Rural Development, Economic Planning and Management train our students to uncover greater value for investors and better outcomes for stakeholders. Our students can perform as independent economics and planning specialists provide comprehensive support from concept to realisation and beyond – our guidelines influence the future of an area.

The objective

The overall objective of the Programme is to train highly qualified and holistic-thinking economists able to apply and develop mathematical models and methods for the analysis, forecasting, planning and management of economic processes on both micro- and macro levels. However, the aims of the Programme are not limited to the professional training: another important objective is to nurture would-be society leaders – self-dependent, creative and enterprising persons, capable of innovative ideas and of leading teams.

  • Dr. Kaipparedan College for Rural Development, Economic Planning and Management created opportunities for students interested in continuing their studies to proceed to Civil Service exams, doctoral studies etc.
  • The distinctive feature of competencies rendered by the Programme can be summarized in two words: thoroughness and comprehensiveness, which equip students for successful carriers in the future and facilitate making the crucial links required for the econo