Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development

Eligibility Any graduate

Programme Structure Credits : 32 

Duration : Minimum - 1 Year & Maximum - 3 Years 

Medium of Instruction : English 

Fee : Rs. ​25800/- 


Globally it is projected that two third of mankind will live in the urban areas by 2025. India is 2nd largest urban system in the world with more than 30 percent of urban population. It is expected that by 2025, half of the India’s population will be urbane. The excessive urbanization has created manifold problems such as transportation, poverty, unemployment, unauthorized housing colonies, slums and squatter settlements. One of the estimations shows that at least 33 percent of the Indian urban population lives in slums with related implications to development. Thus, urbanization will be a problem before the urban planners and policy makers in the years to come. Therefore, proper planning and management of urban development programmes hold the key for the planners and policy makers today. The criticality of the urban problems has not been properly understood due to less emphasis on urban development issues in the academic curriculum at the graduation and post graduation levels. Therefore, a Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development will be useful for the people involved in the urban development programmes and also to the graduates who wish to pursue urban development as a career.