UCEED Coaching for B.Design

Eligibility SSLC + Aptitude for Sketching & Drawing

Course Duration : 2 Years (Every Saturday/Sunday)

UCEED is a design aptitude test.

​ ​Students from any academic stream (e.g. science, arts & humanities, commerce etc.) in their XII standard (or equivalent), are eligible to apply for UCEED.

​Design is an interdisciplinary activity. Holistic design considers the sciences, arts, technology, economics, media, policy, society and culture. Successful designers have backgrounds in the arts, sciences and the humanities. However do note that candidates from the Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as subjects are eligible to apply to B.Des atall the three institutes while candidates from any other stream (Science without Maths or Physics or Chemistry, Commerce, and Arts & Humanities) are eligible to apply to only IIT Bombay and IIITDM Jabalpur.

​Aptitude tests assume that individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and are naturally inclined toward success or failure in certain areas based on their inherent characteristics. Except for the syllabi section 'Environmental and social awareness' which will test your general awareness in the topics outlined under it, the remaining five sections will test your aptitude. Consequently there are no text or reference books that we can recommend.

While drawing skills can demonstrate a person's visualization skills, there are equally effective or better ways to test such skills through objective measures. Besides, we recognise that many students may not have had drawing skills training in their 10+2 schooling, and therefore UCEED will not put them at a disadvantage.

Conducting a national level exam is a massive exercise. The UCEED 2017 Committee carefully considered all logistical and operational factors, including information based on UCEED 2015 & 2016 applicants, before deciding on the 19 cities where UCEED 2017 will be held. In addition to the 14 cities where UCEED 2016 was held, 5 new cities have been added for UCEED 2017

​​A candidate can attempt UCEED for a maximum of two times only and that too in consecutive years, and that the UCEED score is valid only for admissions in the corresponding academic year.​

​For More Details Students may visit ​ www.iitb.ac.in/uceed/2017/